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Shima's BLACK FRIDAY SALE Begins!!!

(Sale ends November 25th 2016)

Orders placed through Shimahair.com will be shipped via Priority Mail. So please allow the standard 5 to 7 business days for delivery in the U.S.

International orders please allow 7 to 14 business days for delivery.

Credit Cards and Pay Pal Payments Accepted!


(8oz) Shima Hair Repair Leave-In Conditioner

Price $16.95 


(8oz) Shima Hair Repair Shampoo

Price $15.99 


(8oz) Shima Oil Twin Special

Price $24.99 

DOUBLE THE SIZE! (8oz Shima Oil)

Price $17.99 


Shima Full Line Special!

Price $43.99 


Shima Girl Scarf-100% Silk


Price $13.75 

Shima Hair Full Line With DVD

Price $45.99 


Shima Hair Moisturizing Shampoo (8 FL. OZ)

Price $14.00 


Shima Hairline Creme & Oil Special (4 FL. OZ)

Price $25.99 

Shima's Shea Butter-16oz

Price $11.99 


SOLD OUT! (8oz) Shima Hairline Creme

Price $23.95 


SOLD OUT! Shima Hair Shampoo (32 FL.OZ)

Price $34.99 


Price $23.95 


Shima's Before & After!

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