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Shima Oil equals Longer Hair!


The invention of my Shima Oil and Protective Styling is how I grew my hair down to my waist. How? Well, by eliminating our #1 enemy...hair dryness. Hello everyone, I am Hiroshima Kindelan. The creator of my personal hair growth system called The Shima Hair Growth System. My system consists of the following essential products. My 4oz and 8oz Shima Oils, my 4oz and 8oz Shima Hairline Cremes, my 8oz Shima Hair Repair Shampoo, my 8oz Shima Hair Repair Leave-in Conditioner, my hair book, The Beauty of Textured Hair, my Step-by-Step Shima Hair DVD and my Step-by-Step Shima Hair Guide. I am passionate about helping women with textured hair just like me achieve their dream of having really long, healthier hair. I have more than 12 years of experience to my credit and therefore I speak from years of experience.

Hair dryness is our #1 enemy and that is what I need you to understand before you read any further. It is because of hair dryness that our hair breaks more frequently than any other race of women and why it seems as if it can't grow. My Shima Oil is my ultimate weapon against hair dryness. This is the product that I've been personally using to erase hair dryness from my life. It is created by me and is now available by me through this website. Before the invention of my Shima Oil and my discovery of Protective Styling I too tried just about every hair product on the market just like 99% of most women of color. But nothing I tried ever seemed to work just right. Products were always either too greasy, too heavy, worked at first and then stopped working after a few weeks, smelled bad, and just didn't do what the manufacturers claimed they could do.

However, my Shima Oil will not be invented before I discovered Protective Styling. A technique I discovered quite by accident I might add. And this is how it all started. I was in my late teens when I became so FED UP with my hair. So one day I simply decided to put it up in a bun and left it that way for about two weeks. I had never gone so long with a hair bun, because I was always constantly styling my hair according to the latest styles. And then two weeks later I removed the hair bun and I noticed something I never noticed before...my dry ends weren't dry anymore! This peaked my curiosity and as an experiment I began wearing my hair in a hair bun for another two weeks and then another two weeks and another two weeks, until finally it hit me that as long as I kept the "Ends" of my hair preserved it will grow because dryness can't get to it!

Needless to say I was overjoyed, and thought to myself, now if there was only a hair product...perhaps a really good hair oil powerful enough to stop hair dryness or atleast minimize it significantly. And I thought to myself "Well, if there aren't any hair oils out there that can do this maybe it's because they haven't been invented yet. So I'll create one of my own." And that's exactly what I did. I invested my time and countless amount of blood, sweat and tears into product development until I created something that actually does what I needed it to. Stop hair dryness. My Shima Oil is a professional formula specifically targeting women with afro-textured hair like mine. It works for women who relax, wear it Natural, curly, wavy or who have bi-racial hair texture. From the first day of usage the natural ingredients found in my Shima Oil, Ginseng, Soybean oil, and Almond oil will condition, provide instant shine and seal in moisture for the rest of the day. When combined with my favorite Protective Styles, my Shima twist, Shima bun and French braid, you too will see no limit to how long your hair will grow.

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