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Shima's Natural Hair

Okay, now even though I'm a little young here (6 years old) it is IMPERATIVE that I post a pic that showcases my NATURAL hair. Which means that this is my REAL HAIR as God gave it to me...no relaxers, no hair dyes, no hot combs, no blow dryers, no hair gel, no greases, no hair oils. Nothing remotely man made has yet to touch a single hair strand on my 6 year old head. So as you can see I DO NOT have what the average uneducated person refers to as one of the girls with the "Good Hair."

My NATURAL hair is just as painful to comb and style as the next Natural haired girl. Yet this is the same type of hair that is now grown down my waist...with the help of my Shima Hair Growth System. Just look at what it can do for a black little girl like I once was with the so-called "Bad Hair." Seeing is believing indeed:)


From very short...

My hair will not grow much longer than this due to excessive dryness and breakage. My Shima Hair Growth System changed all of that.
But it was especially the creation of my Shima Oil that completely revolutionized the condition of my hair...my Professional hair oil is my ULTIMATE secret weapon against hair dryness.


To long and lovely...

My Shima Oil in combination with Protective Styling completely banished hair dryness from my life. Every week I began to notice significantly less and less hair dryness. And because there was less hair dryness to worry about my hair was able to do what it was trying to do all along...grow longer!!!


To Unbelievable!!!

Today people ask me all the time "Is that your real hair?" And all the time I reply with the same Proud, Confident answer, "Yes. It is my real hair." My Shima Oil is unsurpassed in quality and delivers like no other hair oil out there. This is why it is able to work flawlessly with my Protective Styles. Together they work as a TEAM to keep hair dryness out of my hair and keep my hair conditioned, healthy, and GROWING week after week, month after month, year after year.

To...Okay, This Girl Don't Play!!


Once upon a time I never dreamed that what you're seeing before your eyes was possible either. I also bought into the myth that hair this breathtakingly long was only for the white girls, the Indian girls, the mixed girls, the asian girls, the any type of girls except for the black girls with afro-textured hair. Notice that I emphasized afro-textured hair, because there are some black girls that have what some people perceive as the girls with the "good hair" which is hair that most resembles that of the white girls. No, I am talking about the type of hair that you can't even run a comb through without crying out in pain. The crinkly, super dry kind. The so called "Nappy" kind. That's the type of hair that I'm talking about and the kind that the average person believes cannot grow past a certain length.

But today I have proven ALL of the naysayers....WRONG:) With the birth of my Shima Oil in a little under just 8 months today I, too am able to flaunt gorgeous, waist-length hair and be proud to say that it is ALL MINE. No weave, no extensions no B.S.

My Shima Oil and Protective Styling is a dream come true for me. Without them I never would have accomplished my goal, my dream actually because since I was a little girl (as most little black girls) I always dreamed of having long, long hair that I can sway from side to side. And although waist-length hair may not be the ultimate goal for every woman of color, super healthy hair is and my remarkable Shima Oil formula has given me that, too. There is not one split end, one broken hair strand, one frizzy hair that can be seen under the most sophisticated microscope.

I plan to grow my hair even longer than what you see in my most current picture. I promised myself that I will not stop until I have reached Fairytale proportions.