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Shima's Shea Butter-Yellow contains one pound of unrefined, rich, creamy, 100% organic delight for your hair and skin! It's subtle light yellow color comes from the root extract of the African Borututu tree which in essence gives it its natural, roasted nutty aroma. Just like Shima's "Ivory" Shea Butter you can use it as your Natural Hair conditioner, mix it with your Shima Oil and treat all kinds of skin issues. Shea Butter has been proven to improve skin elasticity which has made it a favorite among both men and women. You will love this one, too!  

Hair Care Benefits:

Natural Hair Conditioner!

Can be mixed with Shima Oil!

Skin Care Benefits:

*Treats Dry Skin
*Treats Skin Rash
*Treats Skin Peeling
*Treats Itching Skin
*Treats Blemishes
*Treats Wrinkles
*Treats Sunburns
*Treats Stretch Marks
*Treats Frostbite
*Treats Insect Bites
*Treats Small Skin Wounds
*Treats Muscle Fatigue
*Treats Aches and Tension

Can be used as shaving cream and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!

Item #HK026

Price $12.95