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Shima's HOMEMADE Hair Butter-8oz

Introducing Shima's HOMEMADE (Amazing Growth) Hair Butter!


Whipped by Shima's OWN hands everything that you could ever want for your hair (Natural or Relaxed) is compressed in this HOMEMADE masterpiece!


You wanted more potent moisture....YOU GOT IT!

You wanted Amazing Hair Growth...YOU GOT IT!

You wanted more defined "Popping" curls....YOU GOT IT!

You wanted help for your thinning hair....YOU GOT IT!

You wanted more hair thickness....YOU GOT IT!

You wanted moisture that lasts all day....YOU GOT IT!


And these are just a "Sampling" of the benefits Shima's Homemade (Amazing Growth) hair butter has in store for you. So go ahead. Give it a try!



Shima Oil, Shima Hair Argan Oil,

Shima's Shea Butter (Ivory), Castor

Oil, Coconut Oil, Vit. E Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil


Not Edible. Product is not intended for self-diagnosis.

Item #HB045

Price: $19.00  Sale price $13.89