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Shima Girl #8


Shima Girl #9


Shima Girl #8 and Shima Girl #9 are two sisters who have embarked on their fairytale, mythical hairlength journey together!

In their Own Words:

Good evening Shima!

 I recently began using your products and I absolutely love them...especially the oil. It really does work to combat dryness and keeps my hair healthy. While I have always taken care of my hair (short or long), your products are one of the best that I have come across and I have introduced my mom and sister to your line.  Here are a couple pictures of my sister and I. (I am pictured left and my sister is pictured right) We have just started using it but wanted to share our journey with you. We will email you updates. Thanks for such an incredible product!!

Shima Girl #10




In Her Own Words: I have been using Shima Oil since the summer of 2010. My hair was at a decent length for most of my life, shoulder length to be exact. I always wanted my hair to grow longer, stronger, and healthier, however, I wasn't implementing a very well constructed hair regimen as well as using products that suited my hair type. I've always worn protective styles, but I failed to care for my own hair underneath. I had dry split ends and it never seemed to grow as long as I wanted it to regardless of what I tried. I was using many other products to keep it moist for the most part, but it still didn't give me that extra help in growing my hair to the length I desired. It wasn't until I stumbled on Shima's YouTube channel (Shimahair21) when she introduced her oil to the world. Like many women before, I was extremely skeptical about her product. I assumed it would do the same thing as any other moisturizer or oil that I've purchased in the past. But I decided to take a chance and it was a purchase that I have not regretted. When I first applied it, I was impressed. It was very moisturizing, it didn't feel like an oil at all. The scent is wonderful and the texture feels like silk. My hair was still moist after using it for a few days which was unbelievable. Within a week and a half, I saw a significant amount of growth in my hair that I did not see prior to using it. After that, I was completely sold and satisfied with Shima Oil. This will be the only moisturizer I will use probably forever. It does the job job extremely well. My hair grows at a normal rate and it is (4b texture). I have not used anything else besides the Shima oil and wearing protective styles such as weaves and braids. By the end of 2010, my hair grew from barely shoulder length to armpit length. I'm still amazed and proud of how beautifully my hair has thicken and how healthy it has grown. I will continue my hair growth journey until I gain mythical fairy tale length hair just like my inspirational hair model, Ms. Shima! 

Shima Girl #11


In Her Own Words: Hi Shima... just got my kit 2day and went on ur site to Download the dvd video.Thnx to you and your products I've been using for just 2 months now I'm happy to announce No More Heat-No More Hair Grease-No More Split Ends-No More Dull Dryness-And most of all No More Yanking and Pulling my hair when I brush or comb it. I did cut the other day and you know it is different from a trim because the middle part of my hair grew to the tip of my bootay and I want it to grow evenly. My hair has been growing (WOW) My hair feels soooo soft and it is so shiny! Thank you Shima you and your products are Heavenly sent and i will be ordering more of your Products.                  


Shima Girl #12


In Her Own Words: 

Well, I decided to stop putting chemicals in my hair as of January 2009 and I transitioned for the entire year. In December of that year I did a BC (Big Chop) cutting off the remainder of my creamed ends. I had tried so many different products, such as hair cholesterols, hair creams/lotions etc and they all left my hair feeling crunchy, hard to manipulate and wiry. It made me hate being natural and I started to have feelings of regret and longed for the soft relaxed hair I used to have. Then one day, I discovered the 'Hair Community' that existed onYoutube; and that’s when I found Shima! The video entitled " Shima addresses black hair growth";I may have watched it at least five times  because I was shocked that a young, beautiful afro-textured woman could grow her hair past her shoulders! And I wanted to be just like her. So I purchased Shima's hair oil and I was so excited when I finally got it in the mail! I applied the oil to my hair, and immediately, I could feel the difference in the texture and weight of my hair! It was like, my hair had been screaming "Give me moisture!" and the oil was exactly what it needed! I'm so grateful that Shima has shared this with everyone and hasn't kept her hair secrets to herself! Thanks to protective styling and the use of her Shima hair oil; my hair used to be ear length and now it has reached armpit length as of January 2011 !!! I love you Shima!

Shima Girl #13



In Her Own Words: 

This is my true  honest opinion of the Shima hair products after using them. 

In 2008 was the 1st time I heard of Shima Oil but I did not purchase it until 2009. When I first tried the oil I found it to be too heavy for my relaxed hair so I just put it to the side and forgot about it, then I started looking at more of Shima's youtube vids for some of her tips, even though I went to cosmotology school I still felt I could always learn something new and enjoyed the info that Shima shared on her youtube channel so I said to myself maybe I should give the oil another try, plus I believe in supporting black business women trying to develop products for dry textured hair. 

Also I was seeing others use it and they seemed to have good things to say about it, so I pulled the oil out of my bin and tried it again but this time I did not use as much, I just applied the oil to the very ends of my hair, I saw that it did not weigh my hair down so I applied a little bit more to the rest of my hair and my hair had an incredible shine without being weighed down. I decided that maybe I had used the oil wrong because this time I had liked it. That happens sometimes, when we have a hair product we use the product wrong and we don't like it.

After using it correctly for my hair type I am now an avid user of the Shima Hair Oil. I like the fact that a little bit goes a long way on my hair. I especially like it to seal in my moisturizer after I wash & deep condition my hair. 

When Shima developed her hairline cream I decided to purchase this to extend my relaxer touchups at the time. I used the hairline creme on my hairline and nape area to keep it moisturized. I must say it did just that without a greasy feel and it laid down those edges. I am now transitioning for relaxed to natural and I have at this point been transitioning for over a year and I use the Shima Hair Oil especially when I do my flatironing to protect my hair from the heat. The Shima Oil really does protect the hair and I use the hair line cream to keep my edges and nape properly moisturized while I am transitioning especially if I do a braidout on my hair. I must say I experience NO BREAKAGE.

In 2010 I purchased Shima's Hair Repair Shampoo. I have only used it twice since I have received it but I must say I am pleasantly surprised as it does not strip the hair and my hair is detangled after using it which is a must for transitioning hair.   

I must say I was reluctant at first to try the Shima products but I am very glad that I did because I really can say I do like them ALOT and I will continue to be a Shima Girl Supporter.


Shima Girl #14


In Her Own Words: At the beginning of 2011 I always complained to my mother about my hair. It was always dry and very THICK. It was so thick that I could barely do any styles with it. I told her that I wanted my hair to be longer than it was and that I needed weave in my hair. My idol Tatiana Harvey suggested the Shima Oil product to her Youtube viewers and I thought about trying it!!....When I got it I was so EXCITED to put this oil in my hair. I bought the 8oz bottle of Shima Oil and applied it to my hair once and sometimes twice a day. I LOVED the way it smelled so I used it ALOT! I used it for 2 months.
My hair grew about 2 1/2 inches in 2 months!!!
And it wasn't as dry as it was before. My friends now always tell me that my hair has this beautiful shine to it and it always looks silky and straight. This was my first bottle and I've been cherishing it. I noticed that I didn't need too much in my hair because if I apply the oil to my hair just once a day, the shine could last up to 3 days! It seems as if I need the Shima Oil now because it is a product that I have to feed my hair with. Shima Oil is NOTHING TO PLAY WITH....A MUST TRY:)