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Below you will see Testimonial Pics from Shima's REAL LIFE customers experiencing REAL LIFE results using her products!! (Pics are updated periodically so keep checking back for more AMAZING results!)

Shima Girl #1



Not only does my Shima Oil wipe out hair dryness it also helps many of my Shima Girls achieve THICKER HAIR! Shima Girl #1 achieved thicker, longer, stronger hair within only 8 months!!!
In her own words: "Shima!!  I started my hair journey in April 2009. We are now in December and my hair is just really growing thicker and longer using your oil and Protective Styles!! Thank you sooo much!"

Shima Girl #2


In her own words: "Hi Shima Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I really like your oil.  I have been using it almost everyday and it is great,  I always want to feel my hair now.  LOL. I have been really careful with my hair and taking time to deal with it and not just rake through it. I have been putting a baggie on my bun to make sure it stays nice and moist and sleeping with a satin cap. I will be ordering more oil soon,... "

Shima Girl #3


In her own words: I have struggled with tangles and dry hair since been natural, even with protective styles. So, I began to watch youtube for help and came across Shima. What impressed me was that she also struggled with her hair before discovering how to stop it from breaking. She gave details! I eventually emailed questions to Shima, and she answered promptly. Her answers weren't scripted-they were honest and enlightening. That's when I decided to try the Shima Oil. I've tried oils before, but they made my hair greasy even after 30 minutes. The Shima Oil soaked into my hair, and after 30 minutes left a nice shine, but no greasiness. When I used it with her hairline cream, my hair soon became soft, manageable, and shiny.

I later tried the Hair Repair Shampoo which strengthened my hair. I only need to use it once a month, and it is now my protein treatment. Since I've been using Shima's products, I noticed fewer tangles, and now have shed hair strands rather than hair breakage. This makes me more confident in knowing that I am able to retain my length while my hair is growing.
Thank you so much for the products and the hair encouragement throughout the year. You are indeed an inspiration: It's just that I am so happy to find another person who doesn't believe the myth about afro-textured hair, and has waist-length hair herself! Please continue to make your positive, encouraging videos. The more voices, as well as the visual proof, are out about this subject, the more people that will be educated. Do you plan on writing another book?  I plan on buying (or ordering) your book, The Beauty of Textured Hair, next week at Barnes and Nobles or Amazon.Take Care!

On October 8th 2010 Shima Girl #4 receives her first Shima Oil. Two months later she has surpassed Shoulder-length gaining between half an inch to a full inch of hairgrowth per month!
In Her Own Words: I have experienced thicker hair, my hair was slightly thin due to over combing and not wearing protective styles. But after watching the Shima Hair tutorials, I became educated and adequately prepared to take care of my crowning glory in the correct manner. In comparison to other products, Shima Oil has no greasiness to it, it penetrates through the hair and moisturizes. It is light, therefore I don't have to put a massive amount on my hair and it makes the product last longer. The smell is faint and not overpowering. I love using it because I am very selective about what I use on my hair due to negative experiences with other products. Shima Oil is excellent for sealing the hair after moisturizing and it is also a supreme example of the the principle Ujamaa, supporting Black owned businesses

Shima Girl #5


In her own words: Hi Shima!! I took my individual braids out and relaxed my hair last night (Dec. 29, 2010). I am so amazed and excited to see my results!! I used your technique of relaxing one side of my hair at a time and I love that I did not over process my hair. I will be relaxing my hair this way from now on. Attached above and to your left is how long my hair has grown since the Oct/Nov. pic (When I took my Braids out). Thanks to your products, inspiration and protective styling...I have come this far. Thanks so much for everything Shima!!

Shima Girl #6


In Her Own Words: Shima I just want to thank you. On April 2009 my twin sister and I had an interest in black hair, and how to take care of it. We didn't go to hair dressers because we grew up taking care of each others hair, and believe that only we can take better care of it. Not like our mother and older sister who love going to the hair salon. We seen how they would always go and come back each time with their hair still unhealthy, not growing, and were never taught how to care for their hair. That month we found you... Who is this Shima? She has so much information, Knowledge, and smart. I was loving the videos. Months following I was in a relationship with my hair. When people ask me what I'm using I always say " Do you have a pen? write this address down. Shimahair.com."  My hair is healthy, thicker like it was as a child, and the protective styles are working out. Everyone needs to know about Shima. She is a girl's hair best friend!!

Benefits of Shima Oil (Available in 4oz & 8oz Bottles!)
*Caters to excessively Dry Hair Types!
*Works for Relaxed, Natural, Bi-racial hair or ANY dry hair types period!
*MAXIMIZES hair growth in as little as two weeks!
*Wipes out hair dryness on afro-textured hair so that we can RETAIN unlimited hair length!
*Non greasy, lightly scented formula works excellent on children's hair!

Shima Girl #7



In her own words: I really like the Shima Oil.  It's light and absorbs nicely (which is a must for me). I like the sheen it gives.  It makes my hair shiny and it feels so strong. My wet sets turn out bouncy with lots of body. My daughter (who is natural) is crazy about it.  It made her hair soft and easy to style.This is a very good oil.  I plan to try the other products in the line very soon.